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PTK Bahasa Inggris This final project is entitled The Use of Colored Pictures to Teach Noun Vocabulary to Elementary Students: An Action Research (The Case of Third Year Students of SD Sukorejo 02 Semarang Year 2006/ 2007).  In the State Elementary School, the children learn English starting from grade four, but in my research I taught third grade of Elementary School students. The English learning was regarded as the introductory to the students. It is because English is very new subject to them. In my research, I used colored pictures as the media for the teaching and learning process. Hence, the goal of this research is to know how colored pictures help the students to enrich many noun vocabularies. 

PTK Bahasa Inggris The subjects of the study were the third students of SD N Sukorejo 02 Semarang. There were 32 students in the class. In collecting the primary data, I carried out five activities of teaching and learning process and some tests. All of the test items were tested with the help of pictures. All of the tests were in the form of oral test. In the pre test, I asked the students to point the objects that I said by using colored pictures. The second, third and fourth cycle were the teaching and learning process and also the assessment tests. The procedures of assessment tests were in form of oral test too PTK Bahasa Inggris.

PTK Bahasa Inggris The results of the study showed that the mastery of vocabulary improved after having the activities by using colored pictures. The average achievement of the students’ pre test was 46 %, while it was 80,1 % in the first cycle, 89 % in the second cycle, 80,86 % in the third cycle and 80,84 % in the fourth cycle, and it was the post test. Thee main factors that affected this improvement were the students’ interest of the pictures given and the relevancy between vocabulary with the nouns that they might be familiar with.

PTK Bahasa Inggris Based on the research results, it was found out that teaching English noun vocabulary to children by using colored pictures was helpful for the children in learning foreign language, particularly English. It was proved from the significant improvement in their pre test and post test

PTK Bahasa Inggris According to the research results, the paedogical implication is that the English learning to the third grade of Elementary School students is regarded as the introductory for them. It is because English subject is taught starting from grade four in the State Elementary School.

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