Penelitian Tindakan Kelas Bahasa Inggris SD tentang Teaching Listening



Penelitian Tindakan Kelas Bahasa Inggris SD
Penelitian Tindakan Kelas Bahasa Inggris SD

This paper is a research report written as partial fulfillment of the requirement for acquiring an undergraduate degree in education, majoring on the teaching English as foreign language. The research concerns with the teaching English at elementary school in Indonesia with the population from SDN Jinggotan Kembang Jepara. It focuses on teaching listening comprehension, one of English skills.
1.1 Background of the Study
English is the first foreign language to be taught in Indonesia (Ramelan, 1992:2). In recent years, English has become the most popular language in the world. It is needed to develop sciences, technology, art, and culture. In addition to, the science of technology and trade are conveyed using English. Kerfoot, as quoted by Halt (1997:118), states with confidence that although the hegemony of English in political spheres may be reduced, English will still hold the key to economic advancement. Consequently, Indonesian people have to learn English because of the role it plays in the international communication.
Ptk Bahasa inggris sd Formally, the teaching of English as a foreign language has begun at the secondary level. Considering the importance of English, it seems to be rather late for several reasons. First, English has become an urgent need for Indonesian people as a means of communication. They need English for an international communication
1 such as trading as the impact of the globalization era, in which as if there was no border between countries. They can do business with people from different countries easily if they know English because for this affair, English is mostly used. English is also used for educational needs such as reading English course. In fact, there are many books containing the current science and technology written in English only. To absorb and develop this science and technology English is the mediator language. Second, at some points, the teaching and learning English will be more effective if it is initiated at the at the younger age. At the younger age, children will acquire a language unknowingly. In this acquisition process, the acquirers are not always aware of it and he or she is not usually aware of its results (Krashen, 1989:8). Third, the result of English teaching in Indonesia is unsatisfactorily achieved (Ramelan, 1992: 3). It is shown by the poor mastery of English by high school or university students. They master English poorly, the passive English or even the active one.
Ptk SD Bahasa Inggris Due to some reasons above the government decided to start teaching and learning English earlier that is at the level of elementary school. Nowadays, English has been taught at that level as one of the local content subjects. We hope that the students will master the language better than what their seniors did. While the goal of teaching English at this level is that the students have communicative skills by using selected material related to their environmental needs, such as tourism and industry (GBPP Muatan Lokal SD, 1995:2).
Unfortunately, to implement this goal is quit difficult. There are many problems, such as the problem of teachers. We have only few teachers who were well trained in English teaching, especially English teaching for children. As children, students of elementary school have different characteristics from adults. The way they behave, the way they learn, and think really differ from what adults do. Consequently, they have to be treated differently according to their characteristics. To make it worse, many elementary schools do not have teachers majoring in English. The teachers teach English depend on what they think and do not depend on what the linguists suggest.
Penelitian Tindakan Kelas Bahasa Inggris SD tentang Teaching Listening In fact, teachers must be creative in selecting the teaching methods and techniques. Teachers are responsible for making a good atmosphere in the classroom to promote the students’ motivation and better attitude towards learning. It is because children are much more dependent at the teachers. The teacher’s skills influence very much the students’ attitude towards learning (Underwood, 1987:34).
In line with this condition, it is very interesting to seek what method is good for teaching English to children. Moreover, in this study, the writer tries to find out how good the Total Physical Response Method if it is used to teach listening comprehension to fourth graders of elementary school students. The study concerns with the teaching and learning process using the Total Physical Response Method at SDN Jinggotan Kembang  Jepara in the academic year of 2004/2005.
1.2 Reasons for Choosing the Topics
Penelitian Tindakan Kelas Bahasa Inggris SD terbaru It is quite clear that listening is the first skill that the children acquire before they learn to read or even to write. As a matter of fact, children acquire their first language through listening to people around them. Based on this assumption, the writer considers that to start teaching a foreign language from listening comprehension is very important. It does not mean that it is must, because at the fourth graders when English starts to be taught, children have learnt reading and writing in their own language. lihat contoh tesis manajemen di sini Nevertheless, both skills are considered to be more difficult. The spelling and pronunciation of English are extremely different from the ones the children have I their own language. In English, a letter may sound differently if it is combined with other letters in different words but in their own language every letter has a permanent sound.

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